Doggy Daycare

Our doggy daycare centre provides positive dog and puppy socialisation opportunities in a safe environment, where we focus on dog care while ensuring your dog has a fun-filled day of play and activity. The emphasis of the team at our dog care centre is to match your dog with others of similar temperament and personality, helping with dog and puppy socialisation and the development of fun and fulfilling friendships with other dogs. We find having your dog entertained and happy can reduce separation anxiety, barking and biting.

We address and help modify poor behaviour by positively reinforcing good behaviour, manners and politeness and we work with you and your trainer to ensure consistency of training.

What are the benefits of Doggy Day care?

Dogs need a balance of interaction, rest and exercise. At doggy daycare we ensure your dog gets all these benefits in a safe and supervised environment.  A day at doggy daycare can alleviate the boredom or separation anxiety some dogs experience when they are left at home alone.

Socialisation: Under supervision your dog learns how to react to other dogs’ body language and cues – does the other dog want to play, rest, or be left alone? Our aim is to build each dog’s confidence, guiding them to make good choices and to have a better understanding of their new fur friends. We encourage them to learn at their own pace.

Exercise: Bored dogs at home can make bad choices and may destroy your favourite shoes, furniture or even raid the cookie jar! At The Canine Creche we work at keeping the dogs mentally stimulated through exercise, play and socialisation. At the end of the day your dog will have had a well-rounded day with a good balance of rest, interaction, and hugs.

Reduces Separation Anxiety and Barking : Separation anxiety is a very real thing for dogs. At our centre, your fur baby will get lots of hugs and love from our human team and their doggy friends, so they learn to understand they are safe. Our team constantly engages, supports, and encourages your dog so he or she gets the most out of their day.

Training: We address and help modify poor behaviour by positively reinforcing good behaviour, manners and politeness.  We work with you and your trainer (if you have one) to ensure consistency of training.

When can I send my dog to day care?
Puppies are welcome at The Canine Creche 2 weeks after their second C5 vaccination.
Female dogs over 6 months and male dogs over 12 months must be de-sexed.

What happens on their first day?

On your dog’s first day we spend time getting to know them, letting them get used to the new environment and introducing them to some of the other dogs. For some dogs it can take more than the first day for them to gain enough confidence to join a play group, others it can take almost no time at all! At pick up we will give you feedback on your dog’s day and how they coped.

What next?

We believe it’s a big decision to pass your dog over into someone else’s care, so we encourage you to come and check us out! We are happy to show you around and for you to meet the team. Please give us a call so we can arrange a time!

If you are not able to visit us before your pooch’s first day, then just give us a call and we can answer any questions you have. You also need to fill in the enrolment form. This can be done here.

Pricing: Please visit our pricing page.