Will daycare be good for my dog?

Yes! At The Canine Creche Doggy Daycare centre, your dog is physically and mentally stimulated, instead of being at home potentially making bad decisions like chewing the furniture or barking incessantly.

Your dog gets to meet and play with new friends (including human friends), exercise and have fun in a safe, secure and supervised environment.

Your dog will come home tired and happy.

When are you open?

Our premier 5-star Doggy Daycare centre hours are Monday to Friday 7:30am to 6:30pm. We are not open on public holidays and do not currently offer an overnight or boarding facility.

How old does my puppy need to be to come to doggy daycare?

Your puppy can come to daycare 2 weeks after their second vaccination.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

All dogs must be vaccinated with C5 to protect them and the other dogs in our care.

Does my dog need to be de-sexed?

Female dogs over 6 months must be spayed.

Male dogs over 6 months that have not been neutered may be accepted at the discretion of the staff.

Do you do grooming?

Yes! We offer a grooming service for our daycare clients for an additional fee. You need to pre-book this service.

Can I come and view your centre before I enrol my dog?

Yes! We understand it is a big decision to entrust your precious pup into our care and you need to know they will be well looked after. Please contact us for a tour (no drop ins).

How often should my dog come to daycare?

What suits you and your pet. We offer regular care as well as occasional daycare. Of course, your dog has a better experience and is more likely to succeed if they come at least once a week on a regular day. Some dogs come every day of the week.

Do I get updates during the day?

Yes! We regularly post pictures and stories to Instagram and Facebook of the dogs during the day.

You can also call anytime for an update.

We don’t encourage you to come to our Doggy Daycare centre outside drop off and pick up times as the dogs find this unsettling to their routine and it can distress some of the dogs.

How do you organise the Play Pal groups?

At The Canine Creche we organise playgroups by temperament, energy levels, playstyles and personality. While breeds and size are considered, we find dogs just want to play and we find the best group for them.

Will my dog be safe at your daycare centre? My dog is not confidence. My dog has separation anxiety.

Your dog is cared for in a supervised, safe and caring environment. Our team is experienced in dog behaviour and we are attentive to dogs who need additional support. We are free to discuss concerns you have about your dog.

We do not take aggressive dogs.

What do the dogs do all day?

Play! Rest! Repeat.

We have a range of dog-friendly play equipment and toys to stimulate and delight your pooch!

Will my dog be fed?

Only on request or if they are a puppy that needs a midday meal. Owners are to supply food.

We recommend you feed your dog 30 minutes before you bring them to daycare to allow the food to settle before they begin their fun-filled day.

We do give treats for good and polite behaviour and for reinforcing positive change.

Can I bring my dogs favourite blanket or toy?

Dog’s favourite toys and bedding are not allowed as your dog may become possessive of these items in a daycare environment. Also, other dogs may claim or destroy your pup’s favourite chew toy or blanket! It is also against our strict hygiene standards.

Will you toilet train my dog?

Due to the nature of doggy daycare, it is not possible for us to toilet train your dog. This needs to be done at home. The Doggy Daycare centre is a completely different environment to home.